Recently I've been questioning my writing. I've written a lot but am I writing the things I should be? One of the key goals of anything I write is to be honest. But there are levels of honesty. You can write the truth while masking it in metaphors and generalisations. It's honest but not 100%.

After writing something 100% honest there's a distinct feeling. It feels like you've been physically drained even though it's only emotional. You feel like you've taken something from yourself, your energy, your being, and turned it into words that exist outside yourself. There's no better feeling when writing.

Obviously the solution then is to always be 100% honest in whatever I write. But that's easier said than done. There's still some concern that someone might be hurt by the truth. Or I'll be embarrassed to know someone I know personally reads it.

Yet what's the point of writing if it's not truly cathartic. If it doesn't leave me emotionally drained am I really achieving my goals? I have to be unapologetic about it. 100% honest because it's necessary for me. Any embarrassment will be fleeting.

"This ain't for you man, this be for my health." - Asher Roth