About Me

Hi, I'm Keenen Charles.

I'm a maker, software engineer, and writer. I've been working as a software engineer since 2015 focused on Android apps but with experience building for iOS, web, and APIs in various languages.

In my own time I've built and continue to run InboxReads. And here I write articles about tech, art, and the impact they have in our lives.


InboxReads is an email newsletter platform that provides data on the best newsletters for every topic. I built and launched it in September 2017 and have been improving it since.

InboxReads - Find The Best Email Newsletters For Any Topic
InboxReads helps you find the best email newsletters for any topic from startups, marketing, and tech to travel, deals, and music.

You can find more of my past projects here.

I've also built and launched several other projects in the past including TapTag, Wave Radio, Wayshare, and #AtHomeStreams.


TrueLayer (London)

Currently I work as an Android Engineer on TrueLayer's Android SDK that allows clients to easily integrate open banking payments.

GOGOX (South Korea)

I built and launched the company's first app for customers to place orders in South Korea and was the sole Android engineer responsible for development and maintenance.

GOGOX KOREA -고고엑스 - Apps on Google Play
Live in Korea and need delivery now? Let GOGOX help you. Download GOGOX to place an order with just a few steps. Whether you’re going to deliver small packages or move bulky items, GOGOX is here to help you in 24/7. With training sessions and rating systems, our drivers and delivery partners are we…

Snappy (South Korea)

Worked on new features for the company's Android app that provided cross-border shopping for South Korea.

스내피 - 해외직구 오픈마켓 - Apps on Google Play
″처음 만나는 해외직구 오픈마켓” 아마존과 250개 쇼핑몰을 모두 모았습니다. 미국 대표 전자제품, 패션, 뷰티, 스포츠, 인테리어, 주방 쇼핑몰에서 직접 해외직구하세요. 국내 유일 수수료 없는 통합결제로 20초면 끝! 다 알아서 해주는 자동 배대지 신청까지~ [쇼핑몰 가입없이 한방결제] 수많은 해외 쇼핑몰 상품을 회원가입 없이 마음껏 넘나들며 수많은 쇼핑몰에서 사도 결제는 한번에! 상품가, 미국내 배송비와 예상 관부가세까지 모두 확인할 수 있어요. [쇼핑몰 그대로, 상품가 그대로] 수수료 없는 스내피에서 지갑도 마음도 가벼운…


iOS Development from an Android background

A translation between Android and iOS terminology.

Building Dynamic Emails with HEML in Node & Express

A tutorial for building an email notification system.

Managing Anxiety as a Maker

Tips on learning to manage anxiety while making projects.

The Problem with Location Based Social Networks

A look at the issues I found while building TapTag.

The Next Facebook Will Not Be 'Facebook, But With Privacy'.

Or Facebook on the Blockchain


Open Source


  • 1776 Challenge Cup Caribbean, 2016
  • CARIRI CodeSPRINT, 2016
  • Prime Minister's Awards for Scientific Ingenuity, 2015