The Joy of an Unlikely Win

The Joy of an Unlikely Win

I'm a huge Manchester United fan. I have been since the mid-2000s. There are a lot of reasons I was attracted to the club. The winning, awesome. Cristiano Ronaldo in his prime, amazing. A history of great players including a Trinidadian, unbelievable. But what drew me to the club most of all was the spirit.

There are principles that separate United fans and the club from others. A belief in giving young players a chance. Undying support of those who do the club right. A never say die attitude, even in the most unlikely situations. And a bit of arrogance too.

This morning I woke up at 5 AM for the Champions leg 2nd leg against PSG. One of the favourites to win the entire thing. We'd already lost the first leg by 2 goals. They completely outplayed us. There was little hope left.

Then 1 goal.

Then they equalised.

Then another goal.

Then with a few minutes left...

We win it!

I've been smiling all day just thinking of it.

Winning is great but it's so much better when you don't expect it. It's so much better when you give everything towards it and just when you 're about to think it's out of reach, you get a chance and you take it.

That moment epitomised everything I and most United fans love about the club and its identity. The connection you feel in moments like this is amazing. It's an outpouring of joy and shared experience that's hard to find in anything else.

Of course, someone will think, it's just a game. But when the emotions are real, does it even matter?

🎵 Ole's at the wheel, Tell me how good does it feel