Redefining Your Limits

Redefining Your Limits

One of the keys to mastery laid out in Robert Green's book is widening your environment. This can be accomplished by reading books and being exposed to new ideas and viewpoints.

"With your mind expanding, you will redefine the limits of your apparent world."

This rings particularly true to me as I've felt the limits of my world expand as I learn more. When I was younger I was content with the idea of finding a job I liked and settling down. Then I learnt about the startup/maker community and that idea wasn't enough any more. Did it change my desires? No, I've always wanted to create but it simply made me realize it was a possibility. Not knowing anyone who made a living creating I was lead to believe creating could only be a hobby at best.

Which makes me wonder how many others have not found that thing that redefines the limits they see? Modern education is so focused on rigid paths to adulthood you're exposed to very few options for your life's goal. How many talented people are limited by their circumstances and not aware of what's possible with their talents?

Unfortunately, not everyone is exposed to the things that will widen their environment. Many people are limited by circumstances out of their control. That's why I believe being exposed to successful people from various backgrounds is so important. It's hard to know and fully believe what's possible for yourself without examples to make it feel real.

The internet has in some ways made this more accessible. Now you can easily find communities and successful people that fit your interests and be inspired. There are fewer gatekeepers to limit what we can potentially be exposed to. There's a still a long way to go to change institutions but the internet has provided an avenue for widening your environment that wasn't available to many before.

Most of us caught before we can expand our thoughts - ScHoolboy Q