My Favourite Things of The Week (2019 #10)

My Favourite Things of The Week (2019 #10)


Carly Rae Jepsen And The Rise Of The Micro Pop Star
This is a fascinating look at how pop stars have evolved with the current dominance of hip hop. Many have given up on appealing to the masses and found smaller niche audiences. It's a natural result of pop music becoming its own genre and not just what's popular at the moment.

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform app dream is dead and buried
A great read about the potential death of Microsoft's ambitious plans for UWP apps. I'm still hopeful that UWP will be the first choice for future Windows apps but I don't see any chance of the mass migration of Win32 apps that Microsoft hoped for.

Can Waze Convince Commuters to Carpool Again?
An interesting look at Waze's new carpooling platform and their goals for it. It's unlikely that carpooling could make a significant dent in transportation needs but any impact it can have would be great.


Saw this randomly in my Youtube suggestions and it's really catchy. It's the mix of electronic and dream pop that I usually fall for.