My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #9)

My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #9)


Slack has decided to somehow make its icon even duller and less notable
I really didn't mind the new Slack logo. It's fine. But why would they replace the iconic purple with white? Why not just use a different shade or an interesting color to improve the contrast? It just looks completely generic now.

China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of 'social credit' system
China's social credit system seems to be as scary as it sounded. Could a system like this not lead to a dystopian society? I don't think so.


Every new Pokemon games gives me a spark of nostalgia. Maybe I'll get back into it this time. But I never do. This trailer has me feeling a lot more than a spark though. A fully 3d world with modern(enough) graphics? Now I'm convinced I should get a Switch.


I've been meaning to check out AMA's music since I saw her music being shared by Matty Healy. Turns out I really like it.