My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #6)

My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #6)


The cheapest Chinese electric cars are coming to the US and Europe—for as little as $9,000
$9000 for an electric car? That could be revolutionary but will consumers go for tiny cars? I'm skeptical.

Sprint is suing AT&T over ‘5G E’ lies
I'm glad someone is taking action against this. Networks keep trying to be clever and this sounds like a repeat of the 4G/HSPA+ marketing.

Continuing our work to improve recommendations on YouTube
YouTube is finally taking action on the countless number of conspiracy theories on the platform. It's so easy for a user to get sucked into a loop of bullshit videos.


What a neat use of Google's tech that sounds like it should've been a thing for ages.


Someone shared this on Wave Radio and I love it. I had no idea the guy from 13 Reasons Why had a band.