My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #4)

My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #4)


Cities Are Tucking Climate Change Fixes Into New Laws
An interesting story about how US cities are creating more policies that tackle climate change through land use and zoning reform.

Kids’ movies are ready to escape Amblin’s influence
It's incredible how big an influence Amblin movies continue to be on media today. From Stranger Things to Super 8. This article questions if it's time for future kids on an adventure movies to find new influences.

How To Be Successful
Sam Altman of YCombinator wrote his thoughts on how to be successful. A lot of it I largely agree with and try to implement in my own life.


This is awesome! The company behind this drone delivery service, Zipline, have built an efficient and fast means to deliver medicine in Rwanda and it's a service that I think could work for all types of delivery in rural/suburban areas.


This is the best implementation of foldable screens in smartphones I've seen so far. It still looks modern when folded (unlike Samsung's prototype) and doesn't require two screens that'll definitely increase the price significantly.


New track from GoldLink who I think is severely underrated today.