My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #1)

My Favorite Things This Week (2019 #1)


Your Startup’s Competitive Advantage Can’t Just Be “We’re French!”
Completely agreed with this article's view that being local is just not enough for startups. I've been wanting to write something similar for ages.

California Moves, Haltingly, Toward a Post-Lawn Future
Removing lawns seems like such an easy way to reduce water usage I'm surprised it's not more popular. It's not surprising that the drought in California has accelerated the rate of lawn replacements.

Des Moines Wants to Be the Affordable City for Artists
I love the idea behind the co-working space they've built to help keep artists in the city. I'm interested to see how successful it is and if these ideas could be used in other cities and countries.


Google Play Music added this to a queue, not bad at all Google, not bad at all. This is the second song I've heard from this band and I really like it so I'll be diving into their discography soon.


I started using Makerlog this week and it's pretty great. I've been looking for a private version of this for a long time. I used IDoneThis for a bit but found it hard to keep up. Makerlog being public makes me a want to keep up my logging and it's cool to see what everyone else is working on. Check out my profile here.

Samsung's Space Monitor

Not sure how practical this is but it looks awesome.