March 2020 Recap

March 2020 Recap

March 2020, the year of a month. Yet I can't remember much about it. When did lockdown begin? Have we always been in lockdown? Did I just imagine a world beyond this?

I've been as distracted by the news as anyone. It's impossible not to be. We're living through a historic event that will shape the future of our world. And we're all forced to abandon our usual lives and plans for the foreseeable future. AND we have no idea when it'll all be truly over. It's a fucking lot.

Through all that I've tried my best to get a little bit done each day. A couple bug fixes here. Improving a design there. It's not as much as I would've liked, but it's a few steps in the right direction.

The most productive thing I've done this month is start a new project. It's called #AtHomeStreams a simple listing of upcoming live streams you can check out. Hopefully it helps someone finding a fun distraction in this difficult time. I still need to add more content and then do a Product Hunt launch this week.

Other Projects

InboxReads: 6.6K pageviews in March. Not the growth I hoped for but of course interest in newsletters dropped. I started writing blog articles as part of a new content marketing strategy but it's too early to know if it pays off.

Wave Radio: Quietly released the 2.0 update and iterating on it as users try it out. Hopefully it'll be ready for a full relaunch in April.


All I need is a sign that this is almost over. Projects will continue along, but that's most important. It'll do wonders for my sanity. Anything else will be a bonus.