Change is Good But Scary

Change is Good But Scary

Change is fundamental to growth. Life evolves due to changes in its environment. Those changes require lifeforms to adapt and grow to the new world they find themselves in. That growth can have useful and unintended side effects. Our ancestors began walking upright due to expanding savannahs and it freed their hands. Those unencumbered hands were then available to develop tools and create art.

Change is inevitable and you have to adapt to it.

Our modern lives are rarely subjected to the whims of the environment. Now the changes that affect us most often are at a personal level. It's easier now to find comfort. To stay within an environment you feel safe and satisfied. You can still grow within a known environment but it takes a conscious effort. You have to want to grow.

Injecting change into your life can kickstart that growth. It works best for me. I've found the most growth from diving into new challenges and learning to swim along the way.

Yet as much as I believe in change as fuel for growth, it still feels scary.

Immediately when faced with an opportunity for a drastic change I begin to reconsider. All the negative outcomes become more probable. I long for comfort and question my earlier desire for "new".

The only solution I've found is wading through the fears and ignoring their whispers. The fears will always be there until you confront them. Until you do that scary thing anyway and see it wasn't so bad. And if it is as bad as you feared now you know better. Either way, you grow, you adapt, and you learn. Either way, you become a better version of your former self.