Some time ago I wrote a post about the characteristics I'd like to include in my writing. I've always had these ideas in my mind, but writing them out has helped me a lot.

Since then I've found myself writing with a conscious reminder of "Am I following my rules?". I've rewritten and deleted whole paragraphs because they didn't follow my rules. Whenever I feel myself preaching or being too harsh I now remember to look at it from another angle. Rather than making judgments I'm making a better effort to question why other perspectives exist in the first place.

I think actually writing my goals down has helped significantly. Thoughts are malleable and imprecise, in a week they can change or be lost completely. Converting thoughts to words forces you to give it a concrete shape. They're no longer at the mercy of your changing moods and desires.

When you make a record of your thoughts and goals six months or six years later it's exactly the way you left it. Of course, your thoughts and goals can change in time but revisiting the original version in a solid form lets you know exactly how you've changed. It helps you remember why you made those goals in the first place, and those thoughts remain in your mind. Our brains are powerful, but it's writing that took our species to another level.