Becoming good at something can seem overwhelming, especially when you're starting at zero. The tutorials for dummies don't make much sense and there's a whole lot of new terms and skills to learn. You're struggling to get the vision in your head into reality.

I've felt this way whenever I'm learning something new or trying to improve some skill. There's a frustration with the slow progress, especially when you have grand plans for this new knowledge. Learning how to edit images and design logos felt this way to me. There were so many tools and terminology to get familiar with. I'd have an idea in mind for a logo and be completely incapable of creating it.

With time though I got better. At first, I'd be lucky to stumble through the editor and create something passable. It took me months, probably years to get a decent understanding of what I was doing. I didn't get better suddenly, it took continued trial and error, and reading to improve a little bit each day.

It's hard to accept when you're impatient and desperate to put new skills to use. Most things are impossible to gain competency much less mastery in a short time. You're going to be pretty terrible at first but with continued effort, you get better each day. There's no shortcut out of this. It's just a slow, tedious grind to get to where you want to be.