Normalise Yourself

Normalise Yourself

Most people tend to enjoy the art they can relate to. Seeing ourselves reflected in art inspires a visceral reaction that's hard to replicate elsewhere. You feel seen. Connected to something else beyond your isolated mind. The world feels larger. You feel like you belong.

Maybe deep down most of us want to know we're not alone. That we're not the only one that feels this way or thinks this way. Being first is great but being alone is terrifying. When you can relate to something or someone, suddenly you're not alone. Whatever you feel, whatever you think, you now know it's normal.

The internet's great at solving this. You can always find someone that's into some niche thing. And usually, that question you have has been asked by someone before. That weird thought, someone else had it and posted it on Reddit.

But when those moments arise where you're seemingly faced with a unique situation it can be daunting. Am I normal? Or is something wrong with me here?

In those moments I think it's important to look to yourself for that normalisation. You've seen that every thought, every emotion, has been felt already. Whatever you feel now, however unique, is always valid. There are 7 billion of us right now. 107 billion that has ever existed. The chances of this moment and your circumstances being truly unique are always very low. Someone, somewhere, sometime, has dealt with similar.

You're always normal.